Check Out The 19 Hottest Guys In Tech

Originally posted on KillerStartups more than a year ago, this roundup of the hottest guys in tech was in serious need of an update. Keep reading to find out what the original 16 sexy men are up to these days and don’t miss out on our three new hunks at the bottom!

When we started writing for about startups, I think that neither Holly nor I had any idea of how many startup guys are, to put it quite bluntly, super hot. More than one interview ended with flushed faces and declarations of intent to marry as we discovered that startup founders are not only smart: they’re also driven, funny, interesting, and very few of them fit the anti-social tech nerd stereotype.

So we decided to share our love of startup hotties with you, dear readers, with the hope that we can help dispel some of those stereotypes. Most of these fetching startup guys are ones we’ve had the pleasure to talk with over the past year, but we’ve asked our badass startup founder friend and hottie in her own right Lisa Besserman of Start Up Buenos Aires to contribute. Don’t forget to check out our four bonus babes at the bottom, making our list a nice even 20.

We know startup founders are sexy and it’s time you did too.

Emma’s Eye Candy

Benjamin Evans – Founder of GetCast

What happens when you combine training in professional acting, a successful career in graphic design, and an ambitious, driven personality? Throw in a sexy British accent and you’ve got Benjamin Evans, founder of Getcast. With his quick wit, impressive biceps, and sexy smile, Benjamin is the perfect frontman for a site targeting people who want to someday see their names in lights. I mean, really: look at that face. Swoon.

Where’s Ben today?

benjamin evans

Following his time in Start-up Chile, Benjamin headed to San Francisco with Geek Fantasy Camp to chat up potential investors and while there he scored a spot in the media-focused incubator Matter. Matter’s design thinking methodology led Ben to pivot to a new business called MADE, which matches high-end designers with the people who want to hire them. He and co-founder Nico Parziale are currently developing an algorithm that they hope will change the way designers and clients communicate.

Follow Benjamin @ben_evans_is

Jorg Ruis – CMO of The Next Web

Jorg Ruis is the CMO of The Next Web and a part-time model. Yup, you heard that right: male model. While he didn’t want to talk too much about it in our interview last October, I (obviously, immediately) Google stalked him and found some temperature-rising photos. He’s also funny, engaging, and has tattoos. Check, check, check!

Unfortunately for us, ladies, Jorg had a girlfriend when we talked. Lucky lady.

Where’s Jorg today?

I tried to get ahold of Jorg for an update but all I could find was a tweet from April 25 saying it was his last day at The Next Web. Jorg, what’s up? We all wanna know where you’re headed next.

Follow Jorg @Jruis

Eddie Laux and Sergio Prado – Co-founders of BodBot

Eddie Laux has a neuroscience degree from Columbia and his partner Sergio Prado is a Harvard grad. Together, they’re the force behind BodBot, a personal trainer app that stands head and shoulders above the rest. As you’d expect, these boys spend a lot of time working out and I have to admit that I was very, very disappointed when I didn’t have enough bandwidth for video when I spoke with them earlier this month. Sexy and smart? Yes please.

Where are they today?

eddie laux and sergio prado

This dynamic duo is still helping folks get fit. Before BodBot even came out of alpha, their users lost over a million pounds of fat and gained over 120 tons of muscle. To give you some perspective, I just googled how many tons an elephant weighs: 4-7. That means that BodBot users have bulked up between 17 and 30 elephants. They’re also still wonderfully humble about their dashing good looks which, as we all know, only makes them hotter.

Follow BodBot @BodBotTweets

Miguel Hernandez – Founder of Grumo

After my interview with Miguel Hernandez, founder of explanatory video site Grumo, I was practically swooning. (Go read the first paragraph. It’s very, very obvious.) This Spain-born, Canada-based founder completely charmed me with his Spanish-inflected English, enthusiasm, and floppy hair over big, big eyes. I think I probably made an ass of myself in follow-up emails, flirting like a middle-school girl, but he’s so cute I don’t even care.

Where’s Miguel today?

miguel hernandez

Business has been good for Miguel and Grumo. He’s added some big clients over the past year, including Disqus, Hipmunk, MakeSpace, and Udemy. He’s also still rocking that adorable floppy hair and awesome, upbeat attitude.

Follow Miguel @grumomigs

Pranay Krishen – Founder of EcoSwarm

I’ve read EcoSwarm founder Pranay Krishen’s resume a few times now and every time I do I’m super, super impressed. Even though he’s not even 30 yet, Pranay has built a solar-powered race car, developed a series of eco-schools in Jordan, and was the cleantech trade ambassador from Canada to Brazil. (And that’s the abbreviated bio.) Oh, he also looks like a Bollywood movie star and got really excited when I recommended a store where he could buy good work boots so, basically, he’s rugged, hot, and going to save the earth.

Where is Pranay today?


Brazil, if you want to be specific. Pranay just completed a 5,000 km journey from Chile to Brazil, where he’s participating in the SEED incubator. After two years of development, EcoSwarn launched this past weekend. Combined with his other company,, (which gives user access to real time data and analytics regarding their energy use), Pranay is doing everything he can to support global sustainable development.

Follow Pranay @PranayKrishen

Holly’s Hot List

Nick Hungerford – CEO of Nutmeg

I met Nick down in Buenos Aires last summer and already he had an advantage with his lovely British accent and charm (like most ladies, I’m a sucker for that). An added bonus was that he’s the CEO of the awesome financial platform Nutmeg. It was clear that I would be getting the startup scoop from Mr. Hungerford. I mean who could resist a man in hipster glasses and a fedora? Lookin’ good, Nick!

Where’s Nick today?

While I wasn’t able to get ahold of Nick before press time, a perusal of both his and Nutmeg’s Twitter feeds makes it clear that things are going quite well. They’ve been winning awards and storming forward in the financial world. Congrats, Nick!

Follow Nick @nickhungerford

Richard Linden – CEO of MyNextGig

Rich is the cool Cali guy I had the pleasure of interviewing back in July. He’s the CEO of MyNextGig, a job-search site to help you find, well, your next gig. He’s an entrepreneur who surfs and he’s single… need I say more?

Where’s Richard today?

richard linden
Although it’s pretty godamn hard to believe, Richard is still single. After building MyNextGig up to 240,000 users, Richard sold the company to As a result of his experiences with MyNextGig, Richard discovered that he was pretty damn good at building up brands, so he launched BrandOptimal, a full scale online branding agency. He’s also working on another startup that is launching in alpha soon and although he couldn’t share too many details, he did tell me that they’ve figured out how to manipulate consumer buying habits.

Did I mentioned he just got his PhD in technology in entrepreneurship from Wharton? That’s body and brains, folks! Keep it up, Richard, and, um, send more pics please?

Follow Richard @brandperfect

Chad Turner – CEO of Student Workforce

Chad is the sexy Canadian entrepreneur who founded Student Workforce back in 2007 with $50 in his bank account and has seen his business grow exponentially. I wouldn’t mind being part of his student workforce. I don’t even know what that means.

Where’s Chad today?

Good question! My Twitter stalking didn’t turn up much other than the fact that the Student Workforce account has been inactive since September. Where’d you go, Chad?

Matt Wilson – Co-founder of Under30CEO

Matt Wilson is a young entrepreneur who is traveling the globe to bring entrepreneurship to other young, ambitious business-builders. As a globetrotter myself, I love Matt’s mission. And, it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute too.

Where’s Matt today?

matt wilson

The number one thing that most people say they want to do is travel. Well, Matt didn’t just say it; he’s doing it. In his official role as Adventurer in Residence in his company Under30Experiences, Matt brings young professionals around the world to awesome locations like Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Iceland, Alaska, Bali, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

Even with all the world travel, Matt has managed to squeeze in time as the co-founder of Under30CEO. Watch the vid below and it’s clear that Matt’s vibe is just the right mix of laid back, ambitious, and adventurous.

Follow Matt @mattwilsontv

Vincenzo Villamena – Founder of Online Taxman

If you’re an expat with a startup, you definitely want to do your taxes with Vinny. He’s another Buenos Aires entrepreneur that I had the pleasure to interview, and party with on occasion… as it turned out. Work hard, play hard… right, Vin?

Where’s Vinny today?

Vinny is still living the expat life, splitting his time between Brazil these days. Online Taxman has expanded to offices in both countries and they’ve also upped their services to include investment advisory/financial planning, insurance services, and health insurance. If you’re an American living abroad, keep an eye on this guy to help you keep your finances in order.

Follow Vinny @OnlineTaxman

Lisa’s List

Andy Ryan – Founder of 3BaysOver

Andy Ryan is 6’5, Swiss, and speaks three languages. As if that weren’t sexy enough, he’s a graduate of Cambridge University and the Founder of 3BaysOver, an enterprise travel startup seeking to fix inefficiencies and unite the travel industry in one happy place online.

Andy has lived in NY, Buenos Aires, Australia, and has summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. He is an avid traveler, soccer player, storm chaser, and puppy lover. His sexiness is paralleled with his charisma and kindness, as he has donated part of his equity stake to the charity Smile Train.

The best part? He’s single. Although, good luck getting this serious entrepreneur and CEO to find the time to date.

Where’s Andy today?


Somehow, believe it or not, this hottie is still single. Less unbelievable is that he’s still working away on 3BaysOver, although he has relocated back to Europe. Ladies! Get on it!

Follow Andy @3TweetsOver

Andrew Hyde – Founder of Startup Weekend

Andrew Hyde is founder of the global phenomenon Startup Weekend, an accomplished author (“This Book Is About Travel“), Tedx speaker and Director of Marketing at Hackfwd.

Andrew’s love for adventure and passion for travel has taken him all around the world. His impressive resume is matched by his rugged good looks, easygoing personality and all-around great character. With roots in freelancing and design, he can hold a conversation about best interface practices, as well as how to build cabins with hand tools.

He is a marathoner, Ironman competitor, blogger, event organizer. and a true inspiration in the startup community. Andrew is a genuinely great guy, and in our opinion, a much hotter version of the Brawny paper-towel dude.

Where’s Andrew today?

In the time since we first posted about Andrew, Startup Weekend has become a startup-household name. He was traveling during the week I was seeking updates, so Lisa wasn’t able to get a new picture but rest assured: being too busy to respond to emails is pretty much never a bad thing when you run a startup.

Follow Andrew @StartupWeekend

Matt Capucilli – Founder of Ketchup

Matt Capucilli, founder of the social app Ketchup, resembles a much hotter (and less creepier) version of Adam, from the HBO hit series “Girls.” Matt is a true artist in every sense of the word: he paints, sings, plays the guitar, and creates iPhone apps. As if that weren’t enough, he also has luscious locks of hair that even Fabio would be jealous of.

Matt developed Video Time Machine, which reached the #1 iPad ranking app globally. He is currently working on Ketchup, an iPhone app that allows you to plan your social life by making tentative agreements to do activities with your network of friends. Matt is not only attractive, creative and artistic, but he’s also a member of Mensa, which makes him uber brainy too. He’s single, enjoys all types of whiskey, and loves brunettes. Watch out for Matt’s app Ketchup. It launches April 4th.

Where’s Matt today?


Ketchup is a thing of the past, but Matt today is working hard as the founder of the Reddyset, where he’s pumping out iPhone apps.

Follow Matt @mattcappucilli

Hagan Blount – Resume Designer

Hagan Blount is the resume designer to the tech stars and an experienced world traveler. The resumes he has designed for CEOs, CTOs, incubator founders, and hackathon judges have earned his clients recognition on career and tech blogs worldwide.

He’s also the host of a popular micronetworking event hosted at his swank (and tiny) East Village apartment in NYC and has the culinary chops to back the dinners up, once making a living as a food writer. His claims to fame include paying a transvestite prostitute for a two mile walk in Bogotá, trafficking in Cuban cigars, and jail time in Mexico.

Hagan is creative, smart and quite closely resembles the Norse mythological god, Thor.

Where is Hagan today?

Hagan is tweeting and blogging and still creating infographic resumes! Follow Hagan @hagan.

Bobby Gill – Founder of Blue Label Labs

Bobby Gill’s sexiest quality is his sense of humor. He speaks one language, but can code in 10. Bobby wrote his first program when he was 8 years old: it said ‘boobs’ in an infinite loop on his Commodore 64.

He is the founder of Blue Label Labs, a mobile app development lab based in NYC. He is also the Editor of Idea to Appster, a online magazine that helps startups and entrepreneurs build better apps. He received his MBA from Columbia University and has lived in China, as a Program Manager for Microsoft.

His favorite holiday is Groundhog’s Day, he eats two Big Macs on his birthday every year, he’s impermeable to jetlag, and aspires to to one day open the “Newer School” right across from the New School. Bobby is smart, attractive, and our personal favorite – hilarious.

Where’s Bobby today?


When we asked Bobby for an update, he said that he was cool with Lisa’s original blurb. He did, however, send a new pic so I’ll just leave you to feast your eyes on that…

Follow Bobby @omgbobbyg

Kevin Owocki – Founder of StepOut

Kevin Owocki is a multifaceted founder who codes, runs marathons, plays frisbee, and attends meditation retreats. He’s currently working on StepOut, India’s biggest & fastest growing online dating website. Kevin is a graduate of TechStars and has worked on two other startups: host-grid and pwncade. He’s a vegetarian, dog lover and huge music buff.

Kevin has been to six continents (sorry, Antarctica), collects Batman and Spiderman comics, and was the 5th grade chess champion at Kemblesville Elementary School. Kevin’s attraction appeals to us on a multitude of levels, from health to travel to adventure to sheer dorkiness.

Where is Kevin today?

After five years with StepOut, Kevin is now building SimpleEnergy, a company that gives consumers insights into their utility usage. Looks like we have another environmentalist on our hands! Maybe he and Pranay should join forces and blast the world away with their hottie environmentalism?

Follow Kevin @owocki

Bonus Babes

Nelson Almanzar – Founder of Talos Digital

nelson almanzar

I met Nelson through Lisa when I was staying in Medellin, Colombia, recently. She told me he was a fun, successful tech guy but she neglected to mention one very salient fact: He’s super hot. Nelson moved to Colombia from his native NYC a few years ago and has since built up a full scale website and mobile app agency called Talos Digital. They’ve done so well, in fact, that he and his co-founders recently bought a building in the hippest part of town and renovated it to create sleek, modern offices to house their growing company.

A hotter Obama with a formal demeanor that warms up considerably when he smiles, Nelson is the kind of good looking that makes a girl (i.e., me) say things like “Send my regards to…” and then feel like a total dweeb. And ladies? That’s not his GF in the picture: He’s (unfathomably) single. Get thee to Colombia!

Follow Nelson @NelsonNYC

Evan McGowan-Watson – Founder of BrandYourself

evan mcgowan-watson

You may have noticed that Evan and I share a surname so let’s just get right in front of that: He’s my baby brother. What can I say? My parents make pretty babies. He’s also one of the main reasons I started writing about startups, so you kind of have him to thank for this amazing array of eye candy and the excellent blog it’s posted on.

But back to Evan.

At age 19, Evan started BrandYourself with co-founder Pete Kistler and Patrick Ambron. They were searching for a way to make managing your Google results both easy and affordable and, more than six years later, they’re killing it. BrandYourself is a leader in the online reputation building field, offering everything from free basic services to an affordable premium package to primo concierge services (the division Evan runs) that still cost leagues less than anything their competitors offer. They’ve won numerous awards, have been honored in the White House, and were recently named the fastest growing online reputation management company by Agency Post.

Now ladies, I know you’re melting over that Jared Leto hair and those scruffy good looks but I have bad news: Evan’s taken. His girlfriend of eight years, Lauren, is a professional massage therapist and one of the sweetest women I know. I’m sure she won’t mind if you want to ogle him a little bit but keep your hands to yourself or we might have to lay a smack down.

Follow Evan @EvanMWatson

Colin Hodge – Founder of Down (formerly Bang With Friends)


Colin Hodge has the kind of scrubbed good boy good looks you’d expect on a prep school student, not the founder of Down, the app I’ve determined may actually be the most sex-positive one out there to date. While Bang With Friends was created in a weekend (and had the kinks-not-in-a-sexy-way to show for it), Down is a slick, contemporary app that’s all about getting you laid.

Colin is also smart, well-spoken, and not afraid to be forward with his views on sex and sexuality. Oh yeah, and did I mention he spends his days figuring out how to get people laid? You figure he must have picked up a few tricks along the way…

Follow Colin @colinkirkhodge

Photos by… Benjamin Evans,  Jorg RuisBodBotGrumo, Pranay Krishen, Nick HungerfordRichard Linden, Chad Turner, Matt WilsonVincenzo Villamena, Andy Ryan, Andrew HydeMatt CapucilliHagan BlountBobby Gill, Kevin Owocki, Emma McGowan, Graham Troyer-Joy, Jordan Smith


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