A Bra That Tweets Every Time You Get Naked

Wearable tech is totally in right now, with more and more human/robot hybrids walking the streets every day.  On my way to work today, in fact, I spotted an elusive member of the elusive Google Glass clan tapping the side of his head and staring at what appeared to be clear glass (from my outside non-robot, human perspective) but which we all know was probably… YouTube videos or something.

While Google Glass is obviously the most famous way for people who really love to be connected to integrate their tech even more into their daily lives, there are plenty of other clothing/tech hybrids out there. Some of the most popular at the moment are related to the Quantified Life movement: bracelets and watches that track your sleep, steps, what you eat. Obsessive dorks are now able to really keep track of anything.

But let’s put both Google Glass and anything related to Quantified Life to the side for now and focus on a product that is less data focused and more ridiculous focused: The Tweeting Bra.

Taking Oversharing to a Whole New Level

A Greek company called OlgivyOne Athens created a bra that sends out a Tweet every time you take it off. Yup, that’s right: It’s a bra that announces to the whole world that you’re getting naked.

According to Mashable, the Tweeting Bra was invented for a campaign that Nestle Fitness did as an attempt to call attention to breast cancer awareness month. Basically, every time a lady unhooks her bra, a tweet will be sent out as a reminder of the importance of self-administered breast exams.

Fortunately, this bra is a prototype, which means we did not hear from the breasts of women worldwide. The Tweeting Bra was only cupping the breasts of one lovely lady, Greek actress Maria Bacodimou, and only for two weeks.

This is ridiculous.

What the fuck can a bra say at least twice a day? It’s time for bed? My tits hurt from being squished all day? I need a shower? Wash your goddamn clothes already?

At first glance, the whole thing appears to be simply a silly campaign done by some random Greek company for a good cause. Breast cancer awareness! Let’s stop people from dying!

If we a look a little closer, though, what’s truly going on here is kind of gross. Breast cancer is a popular type of cancer to “fight” precisely because it’s about BOOBS. The Tweeting Bra is just one more in a long line of campaigns that use women’s bodies and female cancer survivors as a tool to get what they want: more eyes on their products and certain amount of social cache for “caring about women.”

It’s no coincidence that a blonde, traditionally beautiful famous actress was the spokesperson for this campaign or that she’s dressed in a bathrobe in the video and referring to her monthly breast exam as a “date” with herself.

You know what, guys? Forget the Tweeting Bra. I think I want my Google Glass back.

Photo and video courtesy of The Tweeting Bra.


  • Reply January 11, 2015

    Cassie Hargett

    This has no use…. Why would someone tweet at least 2 to 3 times a day about removing bras or something? This is funny yet disappointing because they invest in this kind of senseless devices.

  • Reply January 12, 2015

    Emma McGowan

    Cassie, I totally agree. It was really just an advertising campaign. 🙁

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