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I’m not a fan of overly-precious things, people, or websites. Cutesy-cute things are more likely to make me say “ew” than “aw” so you can imagine my reactions when things like “baby ur the best boyfrnd evr!!!” pop up on my newsfeed. Did we all really need to know that, casual acquaintance from high school? No, we did not. Also, please brush up on your spelling.

avocadoCall me old fashioned or maybe just very New England, but I really think that some communications between couples should stay between the two people involved. Publicly informing your significant other how great they are just seems a little… childish. They’re kind of like the hickeys of the virtual age, marks to show the world how much someone digs you.

So, cutesy couples, here’s my request: download the Avocado app. This app can keep you connected with your sweetie pie 24/7, without bothering the rest of us.

I know there are a bunch of couples apps out there these days, but my exhaustive Google researching today has led me to believe that this one takes the connectivity cake.


Keep your privates private

Because the app will only connect you with one other person (sorry, polyamorous folks), all of your messages are totally private. You can tell your boo he’s great any time you want, complete with emoticons that are actual pictures of your face, which is pretty badass.

This privacy extends to photos, a fact the Avocado app emphasizes. They’re too discreet to come right out and say it, but I’m not: this is the sexting feature. You can be sure you won’t accidentally click on your mom’s name when you want to send that naughty midday pick me up pic and because I don’t know if I can think of any virtual “Oops!” more embarrassing than a mis-sent sext, so rock on with that one, Avocado.

You can also store those photos (and more appropriate ones) in albums that only the two of you can see and, for the more appropriate ones, you have the option to email or tweet them out to the world.

Collaborative to-do lists

Couples always have a million things that they’re doing together and keeping track of everything is a pain, even with all of the technology we have to keep us connected. With the Avocado relationship app, you can create to-do lists and both access them from your phones. Any changes you make appear immediately on your partner’s phone as well, which means no more nagging phone calls or return trips to the store because you bought the wrong brand of cat food.

Hugs and kisses!

The thing that really sets Avocado apart from the other couples apps, though, is the ability to send hugs and kisses. When you touch an image of your darling’s face, he gets a “kiss” on his end. If you hold your phone up to your heart, it sends a hug.

I know I started this article by saying I hate cutesy things but that is just adorable. You’ve melted my snow covered, frosty Vermont heart, Avocado. You win.


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