Stay “In Touch” With Fundawear Vibrating Underwear

With technologies like Skype keeping couples that met in far flung places together even when they’re back in their respective homes and online dating resulting in love matches between people who have never met IRL, the next step in virtual dating was obvious:

Vibrating underwear.

But before I keep going, we need to talk about the name. Fundawear? It sounds like something nasty you might find in your shorts after a brief bout of food poisoning. Sorry guys, but I’m just. Not. Digging it.

I am, however, digging the idea, brought to you by the world famous condom company Durex. They took normal men’s and women’s underwear (ones that are surprisingly attractive, I’d like to add) and sewed little motors into them. Those motors are connected to a smartphone app, allowing your lover to “touch” you from anywhere in the world.

What does all this tech in my pants mean?

While my friend Pranay’s reaction to Fundawear was “It’s a sad day for humanity,” I’m going to have to disagree. We’ve had vibrators that respond to remote controls for a while now and recently we’ve been introduced to vibrators that can be activated from afar; Fundawear is just the next logical step.

Do I think that smartphone-controlled underwear could ever replace the real human touch of your lover? No, of course not. Do I think that this alone will keep long-distance couples together? That’s an obvious no.

To be honest, I kind of doubt anyone could even get off with these things. So take a deep breath, Pranay. This is one more tool to add to the fun arsenal of sex toys that we already have access to. Why not embrace it?

Or, more accurately, let it embrace you…


Get up on it.

While you can’t buy Fundawear yet, the company is currently running a campaign on Facebook looking for couples that want to try it out. They’re saying it’s “the future of foreplay,” but I’m going to call bullshit on that one. Why touch each other with smartphones and motors if you’re face to face? This is totally a videochat-sex enhancer, nothing more.

So, adventurous startup founder with a boyfriend or girlfriend who’s always complaining about your long periods away from home, why not head over to Durex now and sign up for their trial? If you do, make sure to write in and tell us about it. I may even feature you on a future column (anonymously, of course).


UPDATE 2/12/15: Check out this new post to find out about buying products that are similar to Fundawear!


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  • Reply February 20, 2014

    Oscar Raymundo

    I was interested in checking these out but the website is not working and turns out these products are almost a year old :/

    • Reply February 21, 2014

      Emma McGowan

      Thanks for letting me know the link was dead, Oscar! I corrected it in the post and you can check it out here as well:

      Fundawear is currently a prototype and I’m not sure if it will be released to the public. I can say that there has definitely been a lot of interest in it. Maybe reaching out to the artists and/or Durex would help?

  • Reply February 11, 2015


    I agree with just about everything in your article, if you are in a public place together this may actually be quite fun. I would love to know when this comes out and I will gladly buy a pair!

    • Reply February 11, 2015

      Emma McGowan

      Hey Kyle!

      Unfortunately, Durex never actually created the Fundawear – it ended up being largely a publicity stunt. However, there are plenty of other haptic tech sex toys that I can point you too if you’re interested!

  • Reply February 12, 2015


    I understand that this product never truly was made but I’m in the military and frequently away from my girlfriend and a product like this that I could control from my iPhone is very appealing to me. Do you know of any products similar to this that are actually for sale?

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