Sexy Nerd Time! Let’s Talk Future/Sex Vocab

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Fleshlight’s new iPad holster and dropped a whole bunch of future/sex vocab without really explaining what the hell I was talking about. Sometimes when you write about this stuff day in and day out you forget that not everyone speaks the super nerdy, not-really-sexy-at-all terminology that you throw around like grade 5 vocabulary.

While I’m assuming most folks know what dildos and hookup apps are, there are plenty of sex tech words that are super weird. This post is for all of you who are, a) as dorky as me and therefore fascinated by this stuff, b) curious in general, c) slightly perverted and wanna know all of the new ways you can get off.

Really, most of you probably fall under, d) all of the above. I’m cool with that. Come join me for some learnin’, you pervy nerds, you.

Learn yourself some sexy nerd talk in the full post on MiKandi.


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