Open Source Sex Toys Mean We Now Have An Auto-Fellating Robot

Claiming to be “pretty much the greatest thing that’s ever happened to strap-on dildos,” the Ambrosia Vibe launched this summer with an overfunded Indiegogo campaign and a list of sex/tech stars including Erika Moen, Lux Alptraum, and Buck Angel offering rewards to generous contributors.

But the Ambrosia’s popularity wasn’t just due to the celebs backing it or even the fact that it was created by an award-winning physicist named Dr. X. Treme heading up a company called Orgasmatronics (which is reason enough for me, really). Nope, the Ambrosia was so popular because it smashed barriers in dildo technology.

The Ambrosia has a tiny, suction-powered hose that transforms actions taken on it – sucking, licking, tugging, whatever – and translates them into unique vibration patterns via a bullet vibrator. Unlike other dildos on the market, it doesn’t record or memorize patterns but creates a new sexual experience each time its used.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, it’s about to get awesomer.

The Orgasmatronics team – who I officially want to be my new best friends – decided to hack their own product. They paired up with the Autoblow 2 (also known as “the blowjob robot”) to create a robot that can give itself head.

You heard that right: The robot is blowing itself.

“Crazy shit like this is one reason I love this field,” Dr. X. Treme says in their company press release. “A robot sucking its own dick! Why? Because we can!”

As if an auto-fellating robot wasn’t cool enough, the team also paired the Ambrosia with the Toymaker Project’s Hammer, a dildo that lights up when it’s being used. Adding a bit of play to sex, Dr. Kristin Stubbs of the Toymaker Project suggests that hacking the two together could allow one person to play with their partner’s Ambrosia vibe and watch their own strap-on glow in response.

“Or perhaps you’re in a threeway­,” Dr. Stubbs continued. “Imagine one person sucking an Ambrosia while being penetrated by a Hammer that’s glowing in time.”

Okay, up, we’re definitely imagining it now, Dr. Stubbs, and that is some trippy, awesome, raver sex you’ve got us visualizing.

Open source sex toy technology is a field that’s just starting to develop and the Orgasmatronics team is happily leading the charge. Whether it’s creating new ways for kinky and queer folks to get each other off, helping robots give themselves blowjobs, or just making sex a little bit more fun, they’re committed to exploring the field and sharing their creations.

What else could the Ambrosia do? Who else should they pair with? Dr. X. Treme and his team are anxious to hear your ideas too so hit them up on Twitter or leave suggestions in the comments here. Now I have to go – it’s brainstorming time!


Photo via babysinging, CC License on Flickr.

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