Porn That You Want, How You Want It, When You Want It

playboyWhen Pandora came out in 2005 it was like whoa. The computer can figure out what I like? And give it to me every time? And I can have a radio experience without ever having to listen to a shitty song again??

At this point, more than eight years after the introduction of the Music Genome Project, curation based on your professed or implicit likes and interests has become par for the course. We’ve figured out how to track and adapt to what our customers and viewers like and want in ways that were basically inconceivable back in ’05.

Surprisingly, it took a longer than normal amount of time for the porn industry to catch up, but catch up they surely have with PornIQ, a site that promises you access to “exactly what premium sexual content you desire.”

They say it’s the end of “one size fits all” porn.

Well, first of all, I’d say the invention of the internet was the end of “one size fits all” porn, or at least the invention of search engines. While curious teens used to have to sneakily steal skin mags and settle for whatever photos they contained, the search engine allowed us all to discover exactly what body type, sex act, hair color, gender combination, toys, etc., we all prefer.

PornIQ takes that process one step further by asking you a few simple questions in order to deliver you exactly what you’re looking for, without going through the hassle of shifting through all those other bums and mouths and money shots that you don’t care about because, really, who has time for that anyway?

First step, pick what you’re into. Innocent and Sweet? Home Movies? Delicious Creampies? If your particular carnal delight isn’t listed, click the “Refresh” button on the upper right for more options.


Note: These icons are incredible.

Once you’ve clicked the type of video you want to see, it’s time to decide on the category. Every time you click on an icon, you’re going to get a lightly different configuration of options, so if you’re not into, just reload the page.

Now that the site knows your pared down porno choices, you’re given the final determining factor of which porn you get to choose from: How much time do you have? This question makes me giggle more than any of the other ones, even though it’s the least explicit. I just love the idea of a porn site taking your time constrictions into consideration. How polite of them!


And, finally, after the whole 30 seconds you’ve spent specifying your interests, you get to pick a viewing experience from three different options. Don’t like what they’ve given you? Repeat the process until you do.

Brought to you by PornHub!

The creation of PornIQ wasn’t altogether altruistic. The team over at PornHub came up with it and I’d be willing to bet the a very good percentage of those videos come from their site.

I lift my hat to you, ladies and gentleman. You’ve managed to take something that was already happening (and working) in another industry and adapt it perfectly to your own. That’s what I call startup ingenuity.

Photos by… Matthew HurstPornIQ

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