Suffering From Online Dating Fatigue? It’s Time For Project Fixup

Fact: Pretty much no one likes online dating. Whether they’re spending hours upon hours combing through profiles on OkCupid or their thumbs are worn out from swiping left and right on Tinder, all online daters come to a point where they’re just sick of the whole thing.

But do they give up, those valiant seekers of love? No they do not! They turn to their friends and coworkers and local bars again, hoping that this time maybe there’s someone out there they haven’t met. Hoping that the employed, non-smoking, no-daddy-issues lover of their dreams is somewhere within their six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

In their hearts, though? They know they still need extra help, which is where Project Fixup comes in.

Project Fixup is an an online dating site that takes the online out of dating. Like the traditional sites, users have to fill out a questionnaire about what they’re into – but that’s where all the work stops. There’s no sorting through hundreds of profiles, no swiping, no squinting to see what someone really looks like in their profile picture.

The behind the scenes matchmaking elves at Project Fixup then take your information and match you with someone they think you’ll dig. They even pick a time that works with both of your schedules and a meeting place for you to meet up so not only do you not have to put in the time finding someone you might match with but you also don’t have to stress about looking lame based on your date location preferences.

If both you and your potential date are down to meet, you confirm the date and pay a $20 fix up fee. Now, I can hear all of your cheapskates out there putting on the brakes at the thought of a fee but consider this: How much is your time worth? What’s your hourly rate?

Now calculate how much time you spend on traditional dating sites and multiply it by your hourly rate. If it comes out as less, forget it; Project Fixup isn’t a good deal for you. But if it’s more (and I’m guessing that, for most of you, it’s more) than why not consider hiring someone to do the curation for you?

I’m obviously not an anti-online dating person. I think that the more ways out there for folks to find love (or even just a little booty for the night) the better. However, I totally empathize with the fatigue that comes along with both online dating and trying to get lucky the analog way. Project Fixup is a great melding of the two – the wide breadth of the internet and the intimacy of meeting in real life.


Image via Project Fixup.

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