Sex Tracking Is The New FitBit

When I first heard about sex tracking apps, I must admit – I was skeptical. Why the hell would I want a cellphone in bed with me? I’ve had enough trouble keeping my phone from interfering in other parts of my life. But as I started digging deeper, I realized the sex tracking trend is directly related to the Quantified Self Movement (QSM). For those of you who aren’t type-A fitness nerds, QSM is all about tracking everything about your life, from what foods you eat to how many steps you take to the number of hours you’re sleeping. People who are really into QSM buy gadgets like FitBit or Up to automatically track their movements. The wearable tech devices report back to an app, gradually accumulating more data that helps the user improve their health and fitness routines.

A few brave souls are taking QSM out of the gym and into the bedroom.

Who’s “FitBit’ing” their sex life? Find out on The Bold Italic.


Photo via The Bold Italic.

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