Tag Along On These 100 Dates Of Summer

Having grown up in San Francisco, Elise Moreno knows that this is a great place to discover amazing things both personal and cultural. After four years of school in Seattle, she has just returned home and is on a mission to better understand herself, her city, and 100 men.

Yup, you read that right: 100 men. Elise is a self-described serial monogamist who decided that it’s high time to break the boyfriend pattern. Rather than just declare that she’s going to stay single for a while (because, let’s be real, when does that ever work?) she’s using OkCupid go on 100 dates with 100 guys this summer.

As an added impetus to keep her on track, Elise is documenting all of these interactions on her blog, 100 Dates Of Summer, which she started last month. While this…

Find out more about Elise and 100 Dates of Summer in the full article on The Bold Italic.

Photo courtesy of 100 Dates Of Summer.


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