3 Tech Tools You Use At Work That Also Work For Your Relationship

I’ve heard multiple founders compare launching a startup to raising a kid, but it usually seems to be a single-parent endeavor. I don’t mean that all founders work solo – most have at least one other person on their team – but rather that romance is near to impossible when you’re focusing 300% on getting your company up and functioning in the real world.

And yet, some of us crazies still allow ourselves to fall in love, despite the fact that all common wisdom is saying DON’T DO IT. Whether you’ve found yourself in the startup-founder-in-a-relationship situation or even just a regular old modern day relationship, here are three common tech tools you’re already using that can make your relationship stronger.

Project Management Vs. Relationship Management

The number one reason startup founders don’t like to get involved in romantic relationships is the fact that a good relationship takes a lot of time and effort, two things that founders definitely don’t have a surplus of.

Solution? Take those project management tools we all use already and turn them into relationship management tools.

Balancing His and Her Wants

My boyfriend and I both use Trello to manage our working day. On a recent trip to Buenos Aires, we added a board that was dedicated to things we wanted to do while we were there.

Instead of the standard “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” boards we started with “His Wants,” “Her Wants,” “Domestic Duties,” and “Done.” (Some more boards were added later, but I’m going to have to keep those ones between the two of us.) We checked the board every day, scheduled in activities, and made sure to keep a balance between things that I wanted to do versus things that he wanted to do.

Because Trello is a tool that we both already used to manage the minutiae of our day-to-day, adding one more board was a seamless integration into both of our setups. It also made it so that a good portion of our time in one of the most romantic cities in the world was spent staring into each other’s eyes instead of staring at our Macs.

There’s nothing romantic about updating during a date!

Another time-related tool that you can and should utilize is Buffer. Managing social media on a bootstrapped budget can take up a massive amount of time, time that could be spent getting closer to your honey. Rather than checking your iPhone every two minutes when you’re supposed to be having a romantic dinner, Buffer that shit!

Buffer allows you to schedule social media posts months in advance. Take a day or two (or one day a week) and lay out all of your social media posts. Schedule them in Buffer and then, please, put your phone away. The dinner table is no place for business.

A Virtual Shoebox

I’m not a big fan of couples putting all of their business on Facebook; constant status updates about how much you love your boyfriend or ten thousands pictures of the two of you kissing is the fastest way to get blocked from my newsfeed.

I do, however, understand that permission to be sappy is one of the awesome things about being a part of couple, so what’s the solution.

Dropbox. Yup, that same tool you use to share massive media files with your colleagues can be turned in a virtual shoebox for you and your honey. Drop messages for each other, cute pictures, memes that make you both laugh. It’s a great way keep virtually connected, without subjecting everyone else to your adorableness.

These are just three of the tools that have been created to help you build your online business that can be re-purposed into making your relationship work. Rather than writing off the possibility of having both love and success, take a closer look at your digital toolbox. You may be surprised at what you find.


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