The Condoms You’ll Never Be Ashamed To Carry Are Coming To A Store Near You

If there’s one thing we love above all others here at Kink&Code, it’s badass women taking giant steps to normalize sex and sexuality in society. Whether that means changing the kind of porn we watch and fighting for sex/tech startups to get VC funding like Cindy Gallop at MakeLoveNotPorn, creating awesome sex toys for all genders like the team at Orgasmatronics, or promoting self-love and sex positivity like the ladies at Unbound, we are all about singing their praises.

Entrepreneurs in any field have a hard time of it but forging your way forward in a field that’s related to sex can be especially difficult, especially for women who are still fighting all kinds of bullshit stigmas around sex.

In that spirit, Kink&Code would like to send out a huge “OH HELL YES!” to the Lovability ladies for meeting their funding goal on IndieGoGo this weekend – fourteen days ahead of schedule! Lovability condoms first popped up onto my radar back in March of last year when JP Morgan decided to show their ass (and not in a cute way) by refusing to process their credit card payments.

The ladies fought back and got condoms removed from the “prohibited content” category. They went on to sell out their stock of condoms in super-cute little tins and the funding they just raised will go toward producing enough condoms for them to start selling them in major retailers across the country.

Safe sex is an extremely important cause, one that affects quite literally everyone. Normalizing buying and using condoms for women is a huge task but it’s one that I think the Lovability ladies are well positioned to conquer. Check out the video below for more insight into exactly what it is Lovability is up against – and how they’re fighting the good fight. Oh, and if you dig it, consider dropping them a dollar or two. Their campaign is still running, after all.



Photo courtesy of Lovability Instagram.

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