This Is The Reason I Love Dick Pics

Dick pics. Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s a pretty good bet that they’re here to stay, at least as long as we’ve got mobile phones and internet connections.

While I’m not opposed to solicited dick pics and I think that grown ups have the right to consensually exchange photos of their respective junks, I’m actually more grateful for the dick pic phenomenon for one reason and that is critique my dick pic.

This. Blog. Is. The. Best.

I have actually spent hours perusing the photos on this site and reading Madeleine Holden’s hilarious, insightful, and totally raw responses to the wide variety of dick pics (black, white, flaccid, small, large, silicone) that get sent her way.

(Note: All links are very NSFW.)

Here are some choice quotes:

An abstract one

“this is, indeed, an abstract one. your pose is beyond weird, and like nothing i’ve ever seen before. are you comfortable? you don’t look comfortable. your picture feels uncomfortable. i feel as if i’ve stumbled upon you after you’ve had a stroke or a car accident, and now i need to help a vulnerable, naked stranger. it’s disarming.”

Anonymous asked

“can you (or someone) make a tumblr like this but for girls showing tits or pussy or ass or whatever? I really like the idea of this site and think it would be great for girls too! or if there’s one that already exists what’s it called?

it’s called the entire rest of the internet, and the world.”

My pic

“you are blessed with a very attractive body & you have all the key ingredients for a hot picture, but you’re not really doing anything with them, and this is what i mean by ‘coldness’: you’re not grabbing your dick or placing your hands somewhere suggestive; you’ve just gently reclined and snapped a picture, as though that’s all it takes. it takes a little more, sender.”

I could keep going, but really I’d just end up copy/pasting Madeleine’s whole blog and that, dear readers, would be plagiarism. I just wanted to give you a taste of the hilarity that is so that you can head over yourself and check out her amazing responses, complete with grades for every submission.

Madeleine Holden: Making the world of sexting a better place, one dick pic at a time.


Photo by Tony Alter via CC Licence on Flickr.

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