Twine App Is For People Looking For Brains And Beauty

Our world is full of photos of each other. From Facebook to Instagram to every dating site out there, sometimes it can seem like all we’re doing is staring at each other’s smiling faces on screens all day every day.

While picking out a profile pic for any site is rough, choosing photos for dating sites can be a particularly fraught experience. Should you smile, not smile, filter, no filter, are you sure that’s a good angle? Picking out an image that’s representative and attractive is enough to make even the most confident among us start drinking straight whiskey in despair.

With the addition of dating apps to the online dating world, your photo becomes even more important. In fact, one of the most popular apps out there right now, Tinder, relies totally on split second decisions about looks in order to make connections.

But what if there was a dating app that didn’t rely on right off the bat “hot or not” assessments? What if you could have a chance to connect, before knowing what someone looked like?

Twine is a new dating app that proposes you do exactly that. Rather than give you a million different photos to choose from, Twine hooks you up with three potential local matches a day and shows you a blurred photo along with your common interests.

After that, you guys get chatting. If you’re not so good at small talk, the Twine app provides you with a conversation starter tool that creates questions based on your match’s interests.

Once you’ve chatted for a while, you can send a reveal request asking to unblur your match’s photo. If they agree, your faces will be revealed to each other.

Not so sure it will work?

When I first read about Twine, I was definitely skeptical because, let’s face it: if I don’t think the person is hot, it’s unlikely I’m going to want to get into the physical part of a relationship.

But then I started thinking more about it. Have you ever dated someone and found that they got more physically attractive the more you got to know them? The only thing that changes in that situation is your perception; it’s not like they go through some kind of magical transformation.

The same principle can be applied to Twine app’s matchmaking methods. Rather than judging another person’s attractiveness based on what you can see, you’re given the chance to get to like them based on their interests and their conversation skills.

You can’t even do that IRL.

It totally throws the old argument for traditional hot or not sites (i.e. “You don’t go talk to a girl in a bar because she has a sparkling personality…”) on its head. For the first time in the history of dating apps, we are talking to each other based on personalities and I, for one, think that’s really cool.

Taking a clue from the digital past

I’d like to say that Twine is totally unique and, in the dating app world, it largely is. But there is one comparison I can come up with for it: AOL chat rooms. Do you remember those? You’d pick a room based on your interest and then chat with people whose faces you’d probably never see. All you knew about them was their screen name and whatever they chose to tell you.

I would spend hours in chat rooms making friends all over the world when I was a young teenager. It didn’t matter to me what they looked like; I knew nothing about their houses or their pets or the parties they went to and yet we made really strong connections.

In that sense, Twine is simultaneously revolutionary and refreshingly old school. Why not give it a shot?

Photo by Hey Paul Studios via CC License on Flickr.

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