Vesper: The Must-Have Piece of Wearable Tech For Every Sex-Positive Fashionista

Would you ever wear a Rabbit, arguably the most popular vibrator out there, as a pendant around your neck? Just let it swing there, “pearl” beads and wiggly ears on full display? Maybe you’d take a break from your conversations at work to show off just how nicely it can swivel around.

No; the answer is: no. Unless you’re going to some kind of silly themed party or festival, no one with any sense of style or class would ever even consider hanging a Rabbit from her neck.

That’s not to say, however, that the idea of wearing a vibrator as a necklace is in and of itself totally nuts. You just have to reimagine what, exactly, that vibrator would look like.

Actually, you don’t even have to imagine it because Ti Chang, head designer and co-founder of sex toy company Crave, has created a piece that every sex positive fashionista is going to, well, crave. Called the Vesper, this vibrator/necklace is so stylish that I really think it’s going to be my one and only pendant for awhile.

Find out more about the Vesper – and great sex toy design in general – in the full post on MiKandi.


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